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Save Time, Speed Up Development

Make Sense of ANY Code

No matter whose code you’re dealing with, Understand™ makes it easy to visualize and see what’s going on. Never get stuck again.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

SciTools Understand™ is a powerful source code comprehension tool used by over 20,000 developers at Boeing, NASA, Honeywell and others to develop and maintain mission critical code.

Easily Find What You’re Looking For

Get under the hood and find whatever you need fast. Functions, files, variables, etc. See their relationships. Click to view the source or follow the connections to dig deeper.

Make Better Decisions

Quickly visualize complex code with dynamic graphs and diagrams. Help management make better decisions by visually communicating what’s going on.

Prevent Bugs (and headaches)

Create your own custom code checks or choose from dozens of industry standards (MISRA, Effective C++, etc) to quickly test your projects and avoid pushing bugs.

Standards testing made easy.

Impress Your Boss

Easily generate metrics and reports for any project you are given, no matter the size. Create custom reports for whatever your boss wants to know about next.

Beat Your Deadlines

Develop new code. Maintain legacy code. Reverse engineer existing projects. Whatever you do, you can do it faster with Understand™.