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Understand costs 100$-120$ USD per month per user for an annual subscription. Licenses are usually provided via an online licensing solution (similar to Adobe or Office 365). If you work offline or in a secure lab we provide solutions that address those at the same cost.

If your use case is analyzing other people’s code as a service, please contact us as the license cost could vary based on the size and number of accounts you service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We use Understand every day and truly believe it will make your job as an engineer easier. We stand behind that! We want you to see it in action on your own code before you purchase. When you purchase it, if you find it doesn’t meet your needs, let us know. Our engineers will help, and if we can’t sort it out we will refund the rest of your subscription.

Free for Educational Use

Understand is free for students and teachers to use for educational purposes. Want to teach a class on code maintenance or need some metrics for your thesis? No problem, we got you covered. Learn More


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