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Legacy code often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling.

Bjarne Stroustrup

You spend 70+ percent of your time working with legacy code.
You need to understand legacy code in order to change, fix, and extend it.
Legacy code is worth doing better.

We make a tool called Understand that was specifically designed to help you win at legacy code.

Download it below. Try it as long as you like. Just check in with us from time to time. 
Or if that's too big a step at this point, then just all us at 435 627-2529.
We are low pressure.
Got questions? Call or e-mail

How our President, Ken, looks at code using Understand

Fast, Easy Analysis.

It only takes a few minutes for Understand™ to parse a million lines of source code and begin generating powerful visualizations and insights.

Know Everything

Real legacy code is too complex to know, or remember, or you didn't write it in the first place.  Understand tells you how everything is connected. Quickly. Easily. Automagically.
Quit guessing... start knowing.

Pictures Galore

A graph can sometimes be worth a 100,000 lines of code... We do hundreds of graphs.  (See Interesting Graphs about Your Code).  Graphs aren't for everyone, but for some people, in some situations, they completely change their understanding of code.

“Understand™ is good for discovering the structure of the code dependencies and call-paths... it would have taken me hours to generate the same thing on my own, and I would not have had near as much confidence in my own work.”
— Paul Hyland, Lockheed Martin
“Understand is integral in my code analysis and development activities. I use it to parse our project's source code to obtain various metrics (complexity, SLOC, etc.), to understand control and data flow, to research impacts of changes, etc. ”
— Jason Kibler, Bell Helicopter

No matter how crazy the code, Understand™ will help.

Use it on Mac, Linux, or Windows. Analyze over 20 languages.

What folks fighting legacy code are saying...

We've been working on legacy code tools for over 20 years. And we learned a few things.  Read about them here, no strings attached.
Hope it helps!

Would you fly in this helicopter? 
Guess what... the code flying it is even worse!

I've got an IDE

Understand looks like an IDE because it is. Our engineers use it that way. But some use VSC, or VIM, or Xcode. Their choice. But when it comes to sorting out code, reading code, thinking about code... they all say they weren't sure how they worked well without Understand

What's it cost?

About $80 to $90 / month per engineer.  It varies with location (some countries are cheaper, some more expensive). And some things, like MISRA Compliance, AutoSAR, or use of the analysis API may cost more. 
Contact or call 435 627-2529 to sort it out. 

What does it run on?

Windows, Mac, Linux. 
And headless for your continuous integration uses. 

They all work the same and can share analysis. 

Also, Understand understands GIT very well.  If you use GIT you can expect some enhanced features that are pretty useful. 

My IDE has cross referencing.

Yes, just having them used to be a unique feature for us.  Some reference ability has leaked into the major IDEs.   It's a great sign that you care about cross-references and we suggest download and checkout how we do them. 
For more intel on this see "Hyper-Xref in Understand and that may clear up just how well we do x-refs.

Ask a question

Our FAQ didn't answer your question.  Sorry!

Send it to

We try to answer in a in one working hour. Our HQ is in Utah, USA but have people all over the world. 


You Asked, We Answered

Interesting Graphs about Your Code

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