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Reverse Engineering

A brief case study of Aurora Flight Science’s use of Understand™ in its reverse engineering process.

“Understand™ can take existing code and basically generate any design information or view you would want to see, in addition to performing several useful types of analyses.”

— Jason Bold, Sr. Software Engineer, Aurora Flight Sciences

Customer Overview

Aurora Flight Sciences focuses on agile and innovative development to create the next generation of advanced, autonomous flight systems. Creating new systems often requires learning from other advanced projects and reverse engineering them for specific applications. This process can be very challenging and may require developers to work with many, often unfamiliar, code languages.

Project Brief

Reverse engineer the mission management system software for an unmanned aerial drone.

Implementation of Understand™

Understand™ was used for the following applications:

  • analyze the mission management system software

  • reverse engineer the software

Project Outcome

The mission management system software was successfully analyzed and reverse engineered using Understand’s powerful analysis tools and IDE. The use of Understand™ resulted in significant time and cost savings.